Sinclair, John (ed.)
Collins Cobuild English Language dictionary.  London 1987.
Kr. 200,-
Leks. 8vo. Orig. bd. med vareomslag. Pent eks. 1703 s. (2 spalter). Fra baksidetekst: This major new dictionary has been specially developed to help students and teachers of English. It is based on a detailed analysis of how today's English is really used. The dictionary sets new standards in the presentation and layout of detailed information about the language. Coverage of over 70,000 references. 90,000 examples taken from the COBUILD database showjust how words and phrases are really used. Exceptionally detailed treatment of the most frequentlyused words Each separate sense explained in a sentence to show essential grammar. Carefully controlled defining vocabulary. Unique extra column gives detailed grammatical information. Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary is the single most valuable reference book available to students and teachers of English.
Nr. 4617

Sinclair, John (ed.)
Collins Cobuild student's dictionary.  Oslo 1995.
Kr. 75,-
8vo. Orig. plastbind. Pent eks. XX, 681 s.
Nr. 5615